Tree of Life is a non profit organization dedicated to forever changing the lives of the needy in our LOCAL community. Instead of serving individual needs, we try and meet all the needs an individual or family may have, reaching across all five of our Branches to INTEGRATE the Food, Lifeskills, Shelter, Healthcare and Relief it can take to provide not just a handout, but a hand up to a new life.

While we serve people of, INCLUSIVELY, any faith – or no faith – our Tree of Life volunteers believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the foundation not just for a new life, but for an eternal one. So while Tree of Life exists to meet physical needs, we are deeply committed to walking alongside each person: to listen, to advocate, to build an enduring RELATIONSHIP, to pray and give each person the opportunity to experience the love of Jesus Christ.

Just as all five Tree of Life Branches work together, our volunteers work together as the Body of Christ, offering their diverse gifts so that real change – and even real miracles — can take place. Tree of Life’s integrated, well organized programs allow other like minded churches, who share the view that Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life, to reach out and partner with us. In addition, schools, businesses and other groups can provide volunteer support without the need to create their own community service programs.

Truly, what is happening with Tree of Life is monumental. It was born out of the Church and is supported by the Church and it is doing Christ’s work on earth, yet this service comes without any religious strings whatsoever. Instead, it comes with roots – fresh starts rooted not just in the community, but in JESUS Himself.