We meet real needs right here in the community.


Through one point of contact, our Branch structure provides for the many needs an individual or family may have.


We walk alongside each person we serve to advocate, build relationships, build skills, pray and to build a spiritual foundation for moving forward.


We serve people of any faith or no faith.  Our proven programs allow Christian churches, schools, public and private agencies, businesses and other groups to make a difference in their community without having to reinvent the wheel creating their own programs.


 As Christians who believe that the only way to eternal life is through Jesus Christ, we are working together to follow His call by ‘reaching out’. We read in the Gospels that: ‘Filled with compassion, Jesus reached out. In Jesus’ words: “I have come that they may have life, life to the full.”  Our prayer, as we meet material needs, is that Jesus’ love would be very evident.