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With the resources to meet needs both big and small, Tree of Life helps people in our authentic Edmonton Oilers jerseys local community get through tough times by offering a “hand up” to a better life.

Our desire is to serve, not to judge. We know how difficult it is to ask for help. Be assured cheap china nfl we will welcome you and walk alongside you – cheap hockey jerseys to listen, advise and provide meaningful practical help.

We serve people of all faiths – or no faith. Though Tree of Life is a Christian organization sharing the love of Jesus Christ, the help we offer comes without religious strings of any kind.

Tree of Life’s 5 Branches cover many needs. Instead of having to go to many different places, you can simply come to us. We will discuss your needs and how we can help. If there are needs we can’t meet, we will try to connect you with resources that can help you. No matter what, you can count on us to be there for you and to pray for you each step of the way.

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