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Walk for Tree of Life

Dates: June 16th

8:30 AM - 11 AM

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Volunteer Introduction Program (VIP)

Dates: July 21st  | 9:00 AM - 10 AM





Teen Clothing Giveaway

Dates: August 25th





Teen Clothing Giveaway

Dates: August 25th


No Community Kitchen or ESOL Classes for the summer Join us in the fall.





Crowns of Glory

Date: Sunday, June 24th

Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Meal of Blessing

Date: Sunday, June 24th

Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM





Our Tree of Life Academy is extended

volunteer training which covers Tree of Life policies, values and sharing our faith with others.  Our next Academy will be held on June 23 at the Purcellville Tree of Life Center.


Recent graduates include:


Rick Mitchell                Cindy Siler

Kevin Rudy                  Jack Kott

Debbie Kott                 Deborah Kelley

Bruce Gardner             Kimberly Thomas

Caroline Thomas         Terri Hollestelle






Summer Newsletter 2018

Rising Of The Sun There is a song in the Old Testament book of Judges that begins: When the leaders lead and when the people volunteer, blessed be the Lord. The song concludes: May those who love Him be like the rising of the sun in its strength. The song celebrated the willingness of the people to play their part, but it points to the One they serve. For the part that every volunteer across Tree of Life plays, thank you! Your work is greatly appreciated by those we help, by those you serve alongside, but more importantly by the One we serve. As we transition from spring to the heat of summer, may each one of you be like the rising sun in its strength as we reach out to the poor and needy in our community with the the love of Jesus Christ. Blessings, Paul Smith Executive Director, Tree of Life Ministries



This edition’s volunteer spotlight is centered on a husband and wife team who have been instrumental in the quality and consistency of our Clothing ministry, both the spring Community Serve Day, and the fall Back-to-School Teen Clothing Closet.   Linda and Mike Lowe have served Tree of Life many years, not only in the intensive weeks of preparation for these events, but throughout the year, keeping the clothing closet at our center, organized, sorted, and ready for use of our partners.  They have shown themselves to be ever present and ready to serve, and are skilled at sorting through the donated clothes, culling out the unusable, and arranging the clothes by size and gender.

Tree of Life is indeed fortunate to have such dedication as shown by Linda and Mike, and we are grateful for their faithful support year in and year out.  Please extend them your appreciation as you see them in the center at some point throughout the year! If you would like to Volunteer with Tree of Life learn more click here.


PARTNER CARE: Francis Chinn

Francis Chinn is our partner spotlight feature for this edition!  Francis has been working with Tree of Life over many years, as she has struggled to make ends meet while dealing with several periods of illness.  Recently, Tree of Life was able to bless the Chinn Family by making them our Working Hands project for Community Serve Day.  On April 28th we finished transforming her small house into a more energy efficient, safer, and livable space for her 10 grandchildren who live with her.  As she moved back in upon project completion, she addressed our project manager with her usual grace and poise: “Everything looks amazing, Mr. Chap, we are grateful for all that you did!”  We are equally grateful for what Francis has given the community over the years. She has supported the children of her community by going over to Banneker Elementary and serving lunch to the kids there when she feels up to it.  It is her way of giving back to the school where her grandkids attend.  It is wonderful to be in partnership with Francis!



On April 28 and May 12, our Purcellville and Leesburg Regions hosted Clothing and Furniture Giveaways.  This was the 12th year of this event in Purcellville, and our 2nd year in Leesburg.  180 volunteers came out to serve the needs of 850 people who attended the events. Every person who attended heard the gospel message of Jesus Christ, and free Bibles were distributed.  The people enjoyed a breakfast of sausage biscuits, pastries, fruit, juice and coffee, and 35 children participated in a children’s outreach in Purcellville, where they were taught the gospel by our children’s leader.  At both events, people were also blessed with the provision of free furniture.  All of this was made possible by the grace of our Lord moving through the community so that provision of clothes and furniture came in abundance.


Also on April 28, our Working Hands team tackled many projects at “Chinn Home” in St. Louis, just below Purcellville.  30 volunteers came to install windows, renovate the kitchen, perform bathroom repairs, paint inside and out, and create more areas for storage area.  This project benefited 3 generations living in one small home.  Many people donated to help make this project feasible; the Lord blessed this family by moving His servants to help and participate.








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