Here are a few key responses from volunteers that have helped shape our ministry:

Be Examples

Tree of Life is an example of Christians who are living out their desire to share the love of Jesus Christ. We should be mindful that our actions and words convey our beliefs and our commitment to a Christian approach in all things.

Practical, Physical Needs

Tree of Life answers physical needs as a means to sharing the Gospel. We know that Jesus called us not only to worship God, but to meet the physical needs of our neighbors. While we look for ways to open conversations about the Gospel and its power to transform lives, we do recognize that we open those conversations by providing food, clothing, shelter and care.

Serve v. Judge

Don’t worry too much about being taken advantage of. Jesus called us to serve not to judge.

Hand Up v. Hand Out  

We’re not welfare – we’re about temporary help so people can move themselves forward and not be dependent on our services or those of other groups.

Walk Alongside

We don’t just provide a service, we provide a relationship people can count on. We also try, through our own presence in their lives, to remind them that with Jesus they will never again walk alone.

Prayer, Listening

In addition to meeting physical needs, we offer spiritual support and compassion – we take the time to hear the stories of how people got into the desperate situation.